Meat Me Bar is a completely natural bar with high content of protein and healthy fats. It is made only from meat from selected animals of local origin. We added nuts, dried fruits and exotic spices to achieve its unique flavor.The bio probiotics and natural antioxidants we use will help you to be in better and healthier shape.

We’ve been followers of KETO & LCHF (low carbs high fat) for years. We needed real, delicious and healthy food on the go. It’s now available to all of you who are active and on the move. Fast snacks, sandwiches, "protein bars", who are made almost exclusively from sugar or its substitutes may remain in the past.

Meat Me Bar will feed you - a bar is enough to provide you with the optimal amount of protein and healthy fats for an intermediate meal.

Meat Me Bar will really feed you - a single bar of 50g will keep your energy level for hours, delivering fuel for your body. We spent more than 2 years developing Meat Me Bar with the best technologists. We did countless tests and many different recipes so we can deliver the product in the most convenient package possible. We would not have done without the invaluable help of our colleagues at the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv to get to the unique taste of gourmet food in a package. We are proud to have no "E" on the packaging! It's time to meet us! Nice to Meat Me!


Irina Ilieva

Irina Ilieva has a degree in PR and advertising and has over 10 years of experience in this field. Healthy eating and sports are among her main interests.

Photo of Nikolay Kolev - Technologist at Meat Me Bar

Nikolay Kolev is our chief technologist. He has graduated UFT Plovdiv with 'Technology of meat and milk'. He's been part of several science research projects which researched the quality of the meat after controlled farming of the lifestock. He's about to become a PhD. in the field.


Pictures from the production process of Meat Me Bar.